THE FIFTH LABEL ``` model off duty

Since its launch in June 2014, The Fifth Label has garnered a cult following for uncomplicated, confident everyday wear.  From its early days in streetwear, The Fifth Label has grown to dominate the ‘Model Off-Duty’ space, providing versatile fashion staples.

With eleven effortless, easy-wearing collections annually, go anywhere, anytime in The Fifth Label.

Because life is busy enough ```

At its core, The Fifth Label emanates relaxed versatility.  Focusing on affordability without compromising quality, The Fifth Label uses unstructured fabrications that are easy wash & easy wear - original prints and an accessible colour palette.  Styles can be dressed up or down. 

Trend led wardrobe essentials.

The Fifth Label girl is ```

Original in every sense.
An individual.

She draws energy and inspiration from
the hustle of big cities, through art, music
and photography.

Her form is expressive and intelligent with a free mind.

She finds her voice through fashion, effortlessly mixing street wear with elevated pieces.

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ZOEY VINK // about the designer

Who better to understand ‘model off-duty’ style than IRL model turned designer Zoey Vink. Immersed in the industry from an early age, Zoey quickly became captivated by the talent and creativity of designers working alongside her. Encouraged to pursue her dream, she discovered her true passion and fit right in as Assistant Designer for The Fifth Label. 

Graduating to Head Designer in 2016, Zoey channeled her first hand industry knowledge to transform the brand into what it is today. ‘Everyday style is core to The Fifth’ says Zoey; ‘Cool alongside comfort is at the brand’s heart.’ As her modelling days were filled with travel - going from castings to college, and many events in-between, she identified a need for versatile fashion staples that had a trend led sensibility.

‘Denim and basics are always a must when living out of a suitcase everything you have needs to be easy wearing, but this doesn’t mean a compromise in style.’ The Fifth Label now embodies this sentiment, with each collection comprising of wearable essentials with an edge.