No matter what position you hold when you start with Australian Fashion Labels, you are an important and valued member of our ever-growing and dynamic team. AFL offers and supports a variety of opportunities for promotion and career growth.

  Our Head Office staff, in support of Ovarian Cancer Research White Shirt Campaign

Our Head Office staff, in support of Ovarian Cancer Research White Shirt Campaign

LAURA ALLEN // Head of Buying & Planning

What motivated you to apply with Australian Fashion Labels?

Having worked for mass market retail companies for over 14 years, I felt I really wanted to try and work for a smaller more elevated brand, bringing my experience to help shape the future of it.

How do you find life in Adelaide and Australian Fashion Labels' HQ having moved from the UK?

Well if I don’t already go on about it enough....the lifestyle here in Adelaide is perfect! The beaches are incredible and go on for miles (I have been to many over the years so my standard is high!) and yet you can still get your city fix... it's the perfect lifestyle combination!  As for AFL HQ, it feels like one big family... everyone is so friendly and fun. Great bunch of people to work with :)


KATIE BROWN // International Sales & Operations

When did you start your career with Australian Fashion Labels?

I started at AFL in September 2013 after returning home from living in London. I really wanted to work at AFL and took an opening at the time as Front of House/Sales assistant. After being in this position for just a few months I was promoted to Sales Manager and then as our sales increased globally, to International Sales and Operations!

How would you describe the company culture?

I love the culture of our businesses as nothing ever seems impossible.
Management are supportive of new ideas and encourage you to think outside of the box.


ERIN DOWSETT // Sales Operations (US)

Where did you originally start with Australian Fashion Labels?

It still feels like yesterday when I started with AFL. At the time, the company was moving from working out of Melanie and Dean Flintoft's home to our first office in Adelaide and I was hired as their first Sales Manager!

How would you describe the company culture at Australian Fashion Labels, and how does this translate in LA?

The company culture is fun, energetic and welcoming. In LA, we ensure we mirror the Australian culture as much as possible as we truly believe this is unique and separates AFL above and beyond other companies here! Our culture is truly what holds our tight team together - like a family.

What’s the best thing about working for Australian Fashion Labels?

Personally, one of the most rewarding parts of working for AFL has been to be a part of and watch the company grow with such success over the past 7 years.  And our weekly Wine Time... (kidding!) 

What is your biggest achievement to date?

Moving from one side of the world to the other for AFL, and really being able to work on introducing and building all of our brands so successfully within the US.